Technical support and more

More than 100 years of our history has taught us that the level of not only technical support is a key factor in long-term business relationships. We therefore pay great attention to being able to provide the necessary support to our business partners and end users of our products.

Technical support

Technical support and more
Partners and users

Business partners who work with us to sell our products need presentation materials, sample product kits, ongoing training, and a consultancy service when creating quotations, so that they can recommend the best solution to clients or create individual solutions. They also greatly appreciate that our mutual clients will always be well taken care of.

In addition to Software for their CNC machines, consistently great product quality and complaint handling, large manufacturing companies especially need extensive support for their partners, such as installation teams, who want to make sure that if they run into non-standard situations, they can rely on our fast and reliable support, including product complaints.

Carpenters and installers appreciate the practical guides, video tutorials, jigs and installation kits that make it easy for them to install our products, adjust them and maintain them on an ongoing basis. They also welcome our product, installation and service training.

Users welcome help in choosing the right product to meet their expectations without being unnecessarily costly. They are interested in product quality and ease of ongoing service. Understandably, they also appreciate the helpfulness in dealing with complaints.

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