We have been working with moving connections for more than 100 years. We produce very simple hinges as well as complicated products that meet the requirements in terms of weight bearing, resistance to temperature, weather conditions, long-term and repeated use.

Hinges - Entrance doors

Entrance doors

The calling card of the homeowner that greets newcomers every day is his front door, hinged on quality and aesthetic hinges. Increased durability, thermal insulation, security and appearance are expected of entrance doors.

The range of solutions corresponds to the variety of entrance doors and the expectations of their owners. Not everybody puts emphasis on their entrance door and its hinges. We are ready to satisfy everyone.

The 3D hinge adjustment, which is typical of the top of the range, allows for absolutely precise and long-lasting adjustment of the hinge and door leaf, ensuring smooth door operation and tightness and thus minimal heat leakage. The hinges meet RC2 safety class requirements and are tested to one million openings.

The correct choice of hinge is crucial. Aesthetics is certainly a prerequisite, but it is not enough. It is important that the hinges can meet the technical requirements. Oversizing hinges, on the other hand, brings unnecessary costs.

Hinges - Interior doors

Interior doors

Interior doors must continue to function properly in 25 years. We test the quality of the door hinges and their functionality, adjustment stability and load resistance for 200,000 openings and more if their use requires it.

Several ranges of interior hinges make it possible to meet expectations with regard to door weight, type and material of door frames, frequency of use, required fire resistance, chosen interior design, adjustment options, self-closing mechanism or price level.

The right choice of hinge will affect the daily quality of life and the price. Appearance is often the first priority, but it is wise to consider the technical parameters as well.

Hinges - Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Wooden mullioned or castellated windows are used in the restoration of historic buildings and are also increasingly used in new buildings to blend in with the surrounding buildings or landscape.

Different hinge technologies allow us to meet the needs of those who are engaged in 100% renovation and need to keep to the original technology, as well as those who want to use modern bolting methods.

3D alignment offers the achievement of maximum comfort of window operation in new buildings as well as the correction of minor inaccuracies that older buildings entail.

The range of shapes and finishes opens up the possibility of maximum harmony with the interior and exterior of buildings.

Hinges - Historical design

Historical design

Adherence to the appearance of the building and the interior, including details, may be an obligation during renovation or a free decision of the investor. Authentic window and door hinges are undoubtedly an important element to make the overall impression perfect. As a rule, door and window hinges are solved together to maximize the aesthetic impression.

The wide range of historic hinges we have created over our long history is fully at your disposal. By no means all of them are in our catalogue so it is ideal to contact us.

An exact copy of a historic hinge is the approach we take wherever there is a reason to do so. If you have such a need, we will certainly accommodate you.

Hinge covers are an inexpensive way to easily achieve a relatively authentic historic look even when we take advantage of the pleasing features of modern hinges.

Závěsy a Panty - kloubové piánové


Dimensional variability and reliability characterise the hinges. They are widely used wherever a high-quality and unobtrusive moving connection of parts in all kinds of materials is needed. They have their place not only in furniture production, but also in trains, trams, buses, aircraft, machinery and other areas.

The variety of designs, lengths, materials, efficiency and surface finishes can meet not only functional but also aesthetic expectations.

Easy installation and maintenance without major requirements are increasingly putting hinges in the spotlight of designers and engineers.

Hinges - Custom


Moving connections are a necessary part of life. If we look around us, we find that they surround us at every turn. Technicians are gradually discovering that replacing a fixed connection with a moving one often results in better performance, durability, productivity and also popularity of their product.

Design and technical performance in one. This is our goal in every individual development and production of customized suspension systems. Regardless of whether it is a modern assignment, a historical solution or even a combination of both.

A high degree of flexibility and enthusiasm for the job, together with a wide machine fleet and many years of experience, enables us to cover any assignment that a standard offer will not satisfy.

povrchová úprava

Surface finishes

A wide range of finishes can be selected for our products to perfectly meet the expectations of interior designers, the requirements of historical reconstruction, or to follow the style of the exterior or interior in which our products are finally located. The products can of course be painted in any colour. In addition, however, special finishes are available. A selection of the most common ones is presented below.

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