Custom production

The extensive machinery fleet consisting of modern and classic technologies together with an experienced design team gives a great potential for implementation. We custom manufacture small and large sub-components as well as complex assemblies.

Custom production

Custom made
Components and assemblies

The technological park consisting of modern CNC technologies as well as traditional technologies gives a very wide range of production possibilities, both serial and piece production.

A modern welding shop and an experienced team of welders enable the welding of precise small as well as large components.

The design and technology team, not only finds the most productive ways of realizing orders. At the same time, it is able to either make minor "tweaks" to the technical documentation, or create it completely from scratch in the case where the client has no more than an initial idea to implement.

An experienced and motivated production team that works very well and closely with the design department is a guarantee of a fast implementation of the project in practice.

The wide range of cooperating companies, which are proven by many years of cooperation, further expands the production possibilities.

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Clients approach us with a very specific brief and precise technical parameters, as well as a superficially defined vision. It's okay if you're not sure if we're right for you. Contact us and we'll find out.