Metal conveyor belts

Metal conveyor belts are perfectly suited where, in addition to the high load capacity of the material to be transported, emphasis is placed on resistance to abrasion or, for example, high temperatures.

Metal conveyor belts

Metal conveyor belts
For demanding conditions

Durability is the main feature of metal conveyor belts. However, due to the material they carry, they too will wear out over time.

The dimensions of the belts are very varied, either in terms of width or length. The width ranges from a few centimetres to several metres and the length from tens of centimetres to hundreds of metres.

The construction of the belt is made up of metal slats which are movably connected to each other by metal pins. The length of the slats is determined by the width of the belt, and their width is usually determined by the bending radius of the belt to be achieved. The slats are usually fitted with hems on their narrow edges to correct the material guidance. The belt is then carried along the sides by metal chains.

Accuracy is crucial for some projects. It is then necessary to achieve a high degree of precision so that small objects do not fall through at the moving connection of the belt slats and at the edging. Others do not always require this extent of precision, or even deliberately allow for material slump.

The customizable character of belt production brings a certain degree of complexity and at the same time the possibility to meet even relatively non-standard requirements.

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We produce metal belts as diverse as our clients and their needs. Some clients are only able to give a very general specification of their requirements. For those, we first design the principle of the solution, then produce the technical documentation and then go into production. Others have their own technical documentation. For others, the brief is to take the documentation as inspiration and modify it. We will certainly find a solution.