Metal conveyor systems

We have been producing metal conveyor systems for 20 years. We have been manufacturing single pieces as well as larger or smaller series. Generally, they are supplied to manufacturers of larger machine units. The systems move smaller or larger products between production sites and into different types of containers. They successfully transport waste materials that require a robust conveying system.

Metal conveyor systems

Metal conveyor systems
Precision and durability

Durability and precision are essential characteristics of metal conveyor systems. They are used where plastic conveyors, rubber belts or roller conveyors cannot be used for various reasons.

The trough of the conveyor plays an important role as these conveyors are used to transport material dripping oil or emulsions and it is important to catch these liquids/emulsions or small debris such as swarf or sawdust that may also get on the conveyor and fall through.

The hopper is shaped to specifically match the material being conveyed and how the material enters the hopper, which is usually dependent on the machine from which the load falls into the hopper or how the material is added to the hopper by the operator.

The design of the conveyor belt varies with regard to whether gravity friction, sophisticated carriers or magnetism is used.

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Clients turn to us with very specific assignments and precise technical parameters of transport systems, as well as with a relatively superficially defined vision or expectations. We are accustomed to implementing precise instructions as well as being part of the solution creation. It's okay if you're not sure we're right for you.