Quality and Testing Centre

Our partners and clients can rely on the quality of our work and products at all times. We focus on the quality of the input material, semi-finished and finished products. The quality centre works not only for our internal purposes, but is also available for external parties.

Quality and Testing Centre

Quality and Testing Centre

The material and tools are tested for the required technical parameters, surface finish and aesthetics.

Internal and external semi-finished products are tested within the required parameters to confirm ongoing quality or to prevent the assembly of final products with poor quality components that could carry the potential for hidden problems that may be difficult to detect when testing whole products.

We test final products primarily for important functional parameters. We check not only the functionality over the entire guaranteed period, but also the expected or even higher loads in terms of weight, mechanical, chemical and others. We check the surface finish, the smoothness of the running of the moving elements, the ease of adjustment of the products, continuous wear and tear, or even the moment of total destruction or loss of functionality.

The centre is available not only for internal TKZ needs, but also for external interested parties.

Interested in testing or want to use the center?
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We are ready to provide you with information on testing parameters and techniques or the results of specific tests. If you need to use the centre, it is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us.