Work and career

We are only as good as our people. We do our best to ensure that our company is staffed by people who want to do their jobs honestly and productively. This allows our people to have a job that is not only interesting and promising, but also well rewarding.

Fortunately, people differ
We welcome different expectations

To provide for family and loved ones.  We are happy to have honest, skilled and hard-working people on our team who are satisfied with a job well done, who do not want to manage anyone, invent anything, or take responsibility for others.

To have an impact on today and the future. For the day-to-day running and the future of TKZ, it is also necessary to have on board personalities who want to be involved in its day-to-day running, and look to the future. For example, they want to focus on team development, product development, production capacity, business relations, marketing, etc.

We offer more than a salary

Performance bonuses

Rewards for improvement proposals

Transport allowance

Vocational education

Language education

Development of computer literacy

Supplementary pension insurance

Factory catering

Subsidized refreshments

Company meetings

Participation in the development of company strategy

Recruitment allowance

Personal career plan

Life Anniversary Rewards