We concentrate on working with metal. In addition to a wide portfolio of our own products, we traditionally carry out serial and unique custom production from small details to large units. We are accustomed to producing a complete product "in-house", as well as coordinating production in cooperation with subcontractors and taking overall responsibility.


Moving connections

The hinges moveably connect several components. Our portfolio includes simple as well as complex products that meet the most demanding conditions of technical stress, load, temperature, weather and long-term use.

A classic product is the door or window hinges presented in our catalogue. We also produce unique custom made including historical replicas that adorn important buildings of the world.

Our hinges can also be found elsewhere. They are on harbor piers, automobiles, trams, trains and planes, slot machines, wooden boxes ...  They're everywhere.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts

The precision of production and the quality of the material determine the result. The width of the strips, ranging from centimetres to metres, together with the length from centimetres to hundreds of metres, allows for use in many industries.

Our belts work in many places. They can withstand the heat of foundries and glassworks. They work in scrap yards, mines, manufacturing plants and automotive plants. They can withstand loads.  They can also be extremely precise and can carry even small elements safely.

Belts are often a spare part where and when worn ones need to be replaced with quality ones at an attractive price.

Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems

We have been manufacturing systems for more than 20 years. Usually it is a custom production, which in some cases develops into mass production.

Most often they are a component or complement of technological units or CNC machines. Conveyor systems are used as stand-alone mechanisms.

Custom production

Custom production

An experienced, skilled and motivated team with an extensive fleet of modern and classic technologies wields great potential. We custom manufacture small and large components as well as complex products.

We work on the basis of the client's documentation, including the determination of the material, production process and surface finish.

We realize conceptual plans where the client has no documentation or only partial documentation. Most of the time they only know what they want to achieve. We are happy to implement the idea.


Wide and accommodating
technical and other

Support is important for business partners and end clients. From choosing the right solution, through installation, setup and commissioning of the product, ongoing maintenance or dealing with non-standard situations.

Practical aids. Tutorials, manuals, video tutorials and presentations. There are installation kits and templates as well as high-quality technical documentation.

Product and service training at partners or TKZ. We are available on the phone if needed.

Quality Centre

Quality Centre
and testing

We take quality seriously. To guarantee it, we test the input material, our semi-finished and finished products. We check the quality of workmanship, surface finish, long-term functionality under normal and extreme conditions.

The centre is also available to our clients and partners if they need to test products other than ours or if they wish to carry out special tests on our products.


Extensive and diverse
and machinery

A wide range of production technologies, both cutting-edge and traditional. We are thus able to produce large batches or just single pieces of products. We are both very productive and flexible. We are continuously modernizing and expanding our machinery.

The machinery is at your disposal. In fact, we always count on a certain reserve capacity to cover sudden orders.

Do you need a metal product?
Contact us!

We'll probably make one. Our possibilities are very broad and cannot be described exhaustively. Moreover, we can combine different technologies and processes. So don't be discouraged if you haven't found exactly what you were looking for here. In our history, we have solved many assignments that did not seem to fit into our portfolio. Get in touch with us, chances are good that we will find a solution.