• Karta katalogowa

    Door hinge GEMMA 55 - 20/18 UR14 S3

    Numer katalogowy 5574
    Load 56.00
    Type of hinge Complete hinge
    Door Exterior
    Orientation of door or window For right and left door (frame)
    According to material of door leaf Wood
    According to door execution Rebate
    According to doorframe Solid wood
    Ending Decorative ending UR14
    Main material Alloy ZAMAK and steel
    Fire resistance no
    Gripping Special
    Czech product Yes





    Dostępne warianty

    cover kod typ wielkość paczki bez VAT / MJ* z VAT / MJ* zapytać
    kod: 55746J40 nazwa: Black lacquer RAL 9005 (upon request) Action wielkość paczki: 1 set bez VAT / MJ*: 108,09 z VAT / MJ*: 130,79
    kod: 99G43101 nazwa: Old brass wiped (upon request) Action wielkość paczki: 1 set bez VAT / MJ*: 105,86 z VAT / MJ*: 128,09

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    *Ceny za MJ = za 1 szt. (lub 1 kpl.) są orientacyjne. Przy zakupie mniejszej ilości niż opakowanie może zostać naliczona dopłata w wysokości do 10% ceny produktu.

    UPON REQUEST variants – when ordering less than 100 pcs – extra charge 10%.

    Elegant solution for your exterior doors with rabbet 15 - 18 mm, especially for profile EURO 68 (It is determined for door profile - montage with door template). The hinge is adjustable in three directions, high durability (it was tested for 1 million cycles). Plug is secured against slipping by security screw. Set contains 3 hinges (2x "H", 1x "V"). In case of doors higher than 2000 mm or wider than 1000 mm we recommend adding 4th hinge (V) which is available separately.

    The hinges are being produced upon request, surface finish is then discussed individually.