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    Door hinge 15x150 of three parts OZ PH BZ (RC3 2D) L Blue zinc

    Numer katalogowy 55410530
    Load 40.00
    Type of hinge Complete hinge
    Door Interior
    Orientation of door or window For left door (frame)
    According to material of door leaf Wood
    According to door execution Rebate
    According to doorframe Metal
    Ending Without decorative ending
    Main material Steel
    Fire resistance no
    Gripping upper part Into fixing element
    Gripping middle part Wood screw
    Gripping lowwer part Into fixing element
    Diameter of bolt rivet(s) M8
    Bolt(s) lenght 35 mm
    We recommend used Screws of ø 5 mm minimum length 50 mm
    Czech product Yes

    Door hinge 15x150 of three parts OZ PH BZ (RC3 2D) L Blue zinc

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    Door hinge of three parts is for rebated doors. The hinge is adjustable in 2 directions. Safety classification 3.