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    Hinge Merkur set 2 pcs Nickel shiny

    Catalog number 55650700
    Load 20.00
    Type of hinge Complete hinge
    Door Interior
    Orientation of door or window For right and left door (frame)
    According to material of door leaf Wood
    According to door execution Non rebated
    According to doorframe Solid wood
    Ending Without decorative ending
    Main material Steel
    Fire resistance no
    Gripping Screw on
    Plug high 25,6 mm
    We recommend used Screws of ø 4 mm minimum length 40 mm
    Czech product Yes

    Hinge Merkur set 2 pcs Nickel shiny

    Available variants

    cover Code type package size without VAT / MJ* incl. VAT / MJ* demand
    Code: 55650700 name: Nickel shiny package size: 100 sets without VAT / MJ*: 5.17 incl. VAT / MJ*: 6.26

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    *Prices for MJ =for 1 piece (or 1 set)are indicative. When purchasing a smaller quantity than the package, a surcharge of up to 10% of the price of the goods may be charged.

    UPON REQUEST variants – when ordering less than 100 pcs – extra charge 10%.

    Univerzal hinge for right / left doors. Set = 2 pcs. - please order in sets!