TKZ Polná has been producing for 112 years

The company TKZ Polná, spol. s r.o. is a renowned Czech manufacturer of building and furniture hardware with more than a century of tradition. With its wide range of products, it can satisfy customers from wholesalers to small businesses. The company currently employs about 170 employees. TKZ Polná is a member of the MEZA association, which is part of the European association ARGE - manufacturers of locks and building hardware.

The company is certified according to the European quality standard ISO 9001: 2015. The products are certified according to EN 1935: 2002 or by the test regulation RAL - RG 607/8. Since 2010, we have held the Czech product brand.

Manufacturing program:

Serial and custom production: Construction and furniture hinges from historical replicas to modern adjustable: window hinges, doors, gate, piano (piano), articulated, furniture fittings, decorative sleeves (covers) for door and window hinges, mechanical barriers for windows and doors, a number of door and window hinges adjustable in three axes - TRIO, EXPERT, hidden hinge TKZ ESPRIT, assembly jigs, stencils for forging, clamping elements, small turned parts. The additional assortment includes products of foreign companies of the BASYS (hidden fittings) and SISO series (handles, locks and stops, especially for glass, cylindrical locks…).


1911 the company was founded by the entrepreneur František Sláma. He is transferring his classic press production from his Prague factory. He is gradually expanding the company by building a new building on the site of today's company.

1934 the factory was bought by a joint-stock company headed by Ing. Karel Sázavský and under the trade name Továrna kovového zboží, joint-stock company, continued the established production.

1948 the factory was nationalized and incorporated into the KOH-I-NOR Prague association. Over the next few years, it gradually became part of the MARS and Svratka Branecká železárna company.

1955 the production program was changed and the production of building and furniture fittings began.

1960 the company was incorporated under the national company TOKOZ Žďár nad Sázavou.

1991 the company became independent of the completely independent state enterprise TKZ Polná.

1994 a limited liability company with the trade name TKZ Polná, spol. s r.o. The main production program remains building and furniture fittings, production is expanding and modernizing.

2011 the company celebrates 100 years since its establishment.

2020 the company changes its owner - TKZ Holding s. R. O. The new owner will continue to build the tradition of the TKZ Polná brand and continue to operate the factory in Polná as an independent company owned by transparent owners.