Production area TKZ Polná

Today the complex boats more than 10.000 m2 of total production area. Throughout history, it has gradually expanded into its present form. The complex consists of production halls, warehouses and an administrative building. 

The complex consists of several buildings. Over the course of its history, the older parts of the site have undergone building renovation and internal reorganisation.


(A) Trade
(B) Guesthouse
(C) Test Center
(D) Production and Quality Control
(E) Management, Administrative
(F) Production Planning
(G) Social Facilities


(I) Product Warehouse
(II) Material Warehouse
(III) Manual Warehouse
(IV) Warehouse of Semi-Finished Products
(V) Liquid Storage


(1) Welding plant
(2) Assembly
(3) Polishing, Cutting
(4) Piano Hinges
(5) Forging and Forming Presses, Grinding
(6) Tool shop, Maintenance
(7) Manual with Robotic Assembly
(8) CNC Machining Centers
(9) Laser Cutting, CNC Bending
(10) Manual and Robotic Completion
(11) CNC Machining Centers and Lathes
(12) Eccentric Presses and Auto Welding
(13) Cutting and Shaping Presses
(14) Lacquer